dimanche, décembre 11, 2005

Oh god..can't stop thinking of the concert...It was amazing!!At the left you can see Nikolai with a yellow T-shirt,then Nick,Julian and Albert,pictures are very dark sorry but I couldn't do something better!They are really HUGE on stage!!After 5hours waiting for tickets and the beginning of the show they finaly came on stage...they began with "Heart in a Cage",one of my favourite FIOE's song!Whooa I'm still completly astonished!Julian's voice all right,perfect!Everything was perfect!!They played "the end has no end","juicebox","red light","evening sun","last nite","hard to explain","take it or leave it","evening sun","new york city cops","15minutes" and much more,everything was so great!!Julian sang "Allez les bleus",then said he was amuzed by all the flashlights,told us(but secretly)that we were the greatest gig they ever made since the beginning of the tour,no doubt,he knows how to use his charm!He made all those weird things that make him so great and they were much more amazing than everything I attented to see!They are really The greatest new rock band on earth.No discussions.