samedi, novembre 19, 2005

You see this man? He's one of the most important artist of the century,believe me!
His name's Lou Reed, he began his career writing and playing songs with the Velvet Underground(see below the Nirvana's post)The most famous album he did is "Transformer",it's a 11-songs cd,and all so good...You must know at least one of them "Walk on the Wild Side"(if one day you have the time,listen and translate the may be surprised!)It's this famous song with a bass-line all over that goes like "Doo Doo-Doo Doo Doo-Doo Doo Doo-Doo Doo Doo-Doo..." againg and again,cool pretty song in fact.He made a lot of albums (New York,Coney Island Baby,Berlin[in which you can find the songs "Caroline says 1&2"],Metal Machine Music...)The last one is very important.In fact, Lou Reed was so irritated by the bad critics he had that he made this album.It's only two "songs",you just listen a sound very very distorded and the guitar is completly screaming,there's no lyrics,how can you put lyrics on that?It was supposed to be a big joke,but most of the fans didn't appreciated at all and wanted Lou to explain why he did that.He didn't answer,Lester Bangs did it for him. This man is one of the best rock critics that ever exist in the whole world.He was a big fan of Lou Reed and before,of the Velvet Underground.He consider "Metal Machine Music" like Lou Reed wanted to,just like a joke,and he did so good critics that the album became a legend. He says that it might be one the best album we could ever listen to, and he built his renown. Lou Reed is still alive,how surprising when you know all he did in his life (he was a junkie,and then he tried to stop drugs by drinking,then by medicines and al that kind of stuff)He will released a movie in October 2006 called "Walk on the Wild Side"(when I say that this song is famous!)he plays in,and David Bowie too!(David Bowie is the producer of "Transformer",they are friends since a long time!)I'm in a hurry to see that movie,it would be really dark and weird,just like Lou Reed in fact!I'd like to see him on stage if he comes in France one day,or maybe whenI'll be in New York!