samedi, novembre 19, 2005

I just talked about The Clash, so I must now talk about The Libertines!As usual,from left to right:Gary Powell(drums), Carl Barat(guitar,vocals),John Hassal(bass) and Pete Doherty(guitar,vocals).The two guitarists are the songwriters of two amazing albums "Up the Braket" released in 2003 and "Can'tStand me now"" in 2004. It's difficult to speak about this band because there's so many things,you don't know wich one to pick! First, they were the leader of a new wave of pop-music in England,like Oasis or Blur have been in the 90's. The music is very good and the two songwriters are very talented.Their best songs are "Can't Stand me Now","Music When the Lights Go On","The Man Who Would Be King","Time for Heroes","Up The Bracket"...That's all for the music. Then I have to talk about the band himself. Relationships are very complicated!For exemple:Pete and Carl are best friends,Pete is heroin and coke addict,he stole Carl flat,but Carl forgive him,then Pete do something else and ended up in jail for 2 month,after that he joined the band again,but let them during their European tour. Carl,who couldn't support the situation anymore decided to fired Pete for the band.So now,you can always see the Libertines on stage,but without Pete,and without him,it made a big hole...who knows?Maybe one day they gonna make a last concert!I hope!!