samedi, novembre 19, 2005

I didn't say why I have to talk about the Libertines just after the Clash,so I'm doing it here. It's very simple in fact,Mick Jones,ex-member of The Clash have produced their album,he put them right under the sunlights. On the Picture you can see Patrick Walden(guitar),Pete Doherty(*yes it's the same!* vocals,songwriter),Drew Mcconnel(bass) and Adam Ficek(drums). Those are the members of Babyshambles.Also produced by Mick Jones, it's the new Pete's band. Their story isn't long for the moment but so hard to understand!They have many problems,a lot of their appartions on stage have been considered like fucking bad,even if he songs are very good!They did a first album but it didn't really circulate in the music business,magazins spoke about them only for what they did in the last week,there's always something to say about them!But they released an official album this week.I bought it today,it's called "Down in Albion" and it's fantastic! The first song "La Belle et la Bête"(Pete loves french) included a part where Kate Moss herself(Pete's girlfriend)sings!"Fuck Forever" is such a good song too!The riffs of guitar and bass are very impressive and sometimes when you listen to Pete singing you have a curious impression,like if you were in a funeral ceremony,but he begins to sing loudly on the chorus "I'm fuck forever if you don't mind" and you're completly blow by the music,it brings you somewhere else,and it's so pleasant!I can't stop listening to it and it immediatly passed on my hit songs' list!I'm gonna listening to it again and again all night long,and you should do the same!Very good job, Pete.