vendredi, novembre 18, 2005

Here is a picture of the famous band Nirvana. You can see from left to right: Kurt Cobain (vocals,guitar and songwriter),Krist Novoselic(bass) and Dave Grohl (drums). Aow...what can I say about 'em?If you don't know them you're such an idiot and you don't know nothing to Rock,but I'll be glad to make you discover it!Nirvana is one of the best rock/grunge band that ever exist. Kurt Cobain badfully for us died in 1994 but their songs are still the best and for exemple,on the famous album "Nevermind",you can find a song called"Smell Like Teen Spirit"...what can I say?It's amazing...if you're not prepared to be complety blown again just don't listen to it,'cause it's so a huge chock,you hear the song and there's Kurt screaming against all the world,hating his guitar and tortured her,Krist fighting his bass and oh God,Dave shooting his drums like anybody else can do's still the number one song of all rock charts and it must be the best song in the last 50 years!Nirvana is so great,so cool.They are the leader of the grunge and many new rock bands are still inspired by them,of course,who can not?