vendredi, novembre 18, 2005

Here is one my favorite band:The Strokes,you gonna see them so often on this blog that I think I should have called this "The Strokes Blog"!
In order,from left to right: Nick Valensi (first guitar), Fabrizio Moretti (drums), Nikolai Fraiture (bass), Julian Casablancas (singer,songwriter),Albert Hammond Jr(second guitar).
They made a first demo called "The Modern Age",it goes very well and they recorded their first album "Is This It" in 2001,then they recorded "Room on Fire"(2003)and they'll released a new album called "First Impression of Earth"in the early January. Among their very very good songs are: "Last Nite","New York City Cops","Take it or Leave it"(all from "Is this It"),"Whatever Happened","Reptilia","12:51","The Way it is","The End has no End"(from "Room on Fire")and "Juicebox","Heart in a Cage" and i'm sure a lot of other but I didn't listen to it yet on "First Impression of Earth".They imposed their name in music businness so fast that it's quite incredible!A journalist told them one day: "You made "The Modern Age" and you conquered the world!"It's not exactly true and it makes them laugh loudly but you see what kind of things most of people think!In fact there's 2 sorts of people,the first part think that they're just 5 rich boys from Manhattan(they all come from quite rich family:Julian's father is the fondator of the famous Elite society,Nick's mother owns a french restaurant in the Upper East Side...)but none of them is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. They worked hard to pay the record of "The Modern Age" and they continue to work hard to do very very very good songs!