vendredi, novembre 18, 2005

Here is another of my favourite rock band:The Velvet Underground. It's quite old now because this album have been released in 1967,I discover them by chance.I was reading an interview of Julian Casablancas and I saw that his favourite song was "Heroin",I found it and immediatly listen to,it has been a huge chock,I loved it,I use to love it and I will always love it,it's so weird and so....ah I have no words but if you have the opportunity listening to it,please thought about me and do it!!You have,from left to right on the picture:Moe Tucker(drums),Sterling Morrison(guitar),Lou Reed(vocals,guitar,songwriter) and John Cale(bass,organ,electric viola).The band has been highly supported by Andy Warhol(he made the picture upper)and they began to play in the Factory.Andy imposed a singer on the album,Nico,she's not on the picture,simply because she never be a part of the Velvet,she consider herself so much superior than that!She appears like "Chanteuse"on the album and in fact it's called "The Velvet Underground AND Nico"she wasn't really a part of it.She had a relation with Lou Reed,then she leave him and he throw her away from the band few years after.She had a very special voice,like if a ghost speak sometimes and it's very surprising the first time you listen to it.But the Velvet is really weird,you love their music or you don't love it,it's so strange,so dark...They split up few years after and they made just a final concert in 1977 at Le Bataclan in Paris,after that,some died and some didn't want to met each other.Last thing about the band:a legend says that if you suck the banana of the original gonna be in a acid-trip!