samedi, novembre 19, 2005

The Clash. One of the most important punk band. This band is the result of The 101'ers leaded by Joe Strummer and London SS,leaded by Mick Jones. At the beginning,Joe Strummer was in a blues band, but one day he saw the Sex Pistols on stage, and decided to be a part of the punk revolution that began in the late 70's in England. In 1979, they released "London Calling",much more than an ablum,it turned to be the anthem of all a generation of punks, it's a screm in the country, against society, poverty, politics and all. They released some album among which you have the songs "Should I Stay or Should I Go", "Clampdown", "Jimmy Jazz", "Rock the Casbah" and a lot of other hits. Mick Jones has been fired in 1983 because the other members thought he was too far away from their first idea. In 1985,they definitly split up. On december 2002 died the leader Joe Strummer,big choc for all fans,but their music survive to everything and it's not the end, their success is still huge, their songs are still consider by everyone like a call when you're confused, and I hope we'll never forget them.