samedi, novembre 19, 2005

Another new band:Franz Ferdinand.Here is Paul Thomson(drums),Nick Mc Carthy(guitar,piano,back vocals,songwriter),Alex Kapranos(guitar,lead vocals,songwriter)and Bob Hardy(bass) sat in the armchair.They began their carrer in 2004 with an eponymous album. It's a 11-songs album,but which songs!! It's very dynamic!In an interview,Alex said they wanted to "make girls dance",it was supposed to be a joke but everybody consider the album by this view and in fact,it's a pretty good definition after all... there's nothing bad in this album!They fast began to be consider as the new pop band, like the Libertines have been at the released of their first album!They released a second album called "You Could Have It So Much Better",with, again, a lot of really good songs! A part have been recorded in New York,which inspired some songs like "Eleonor put your boots on". They're are admired for a something very special that you find in songs like "Take me Out"(their biggest hit) or "Do you Want to":the complete change of rythm at a moment in the song.I had the chance to see them on stage when they were'nt too famous,in November 2004. We were in a very small room,just in front of the stage and I have to say that they are very very very talented!Songs are the same on the cd and in stage,all members are very good musicians and they finally do someting very refreshing and it really make people smile!


Blogger Alexandre said...

I was there! It was so exciting when Alex put off his red Knickers on the stage. Oh no It was Madonna who did that.
I was there anyway and it was great especially when they gave the first tone.
Franz are the best!

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