dimanche, décembre 11, 2005

Oh god..can't stop thinking of the concert...It was amazing!!At the left you can see Nikolai with a yellow T-shirt,then Nick,Julian and Albert,pictures are very dark sorry but I couldn't do something better!They are really HUGE on stage!!After 5hours waiting for tickets and the beginning of the show they finaly came on stage...they began with "Heart in a Cage",one of my favourite FIOE's song!Whooa I'm still completly astonished!Julian's voice all right,perfect!Everything was perfect!!They played "the end has no end","juicebox","red light","evening sun","last nite","hard to explain","take it or leave it","evening sun","new york city cops","15minutes" and much more,everything was so great!!Julian sang "Allez les bleus",then said he was amuzed by all the flashlights,told us(but secretly)that we were the greatest gig they ever made since the beginning of the tour,no doubt,he knows how to use his charm!He made all those weird things that make him so great and they were much more amazing than everything I attented to see!They are really The greatest new rock band on earth.No discussions.

mardi, novembre 29, 2005

Saturday!!!I'll see them saturday night!!!Oh god I can't realise I'll finally see them!!I've been waiting this for ages and now in not a week I'm going to see THE STROKES!!!They said they'll give us a wristband that we must keep until the gig,but what the hell are they thinking??I'll keep it for my whole life now!!

jeudi, novembre 24, 2005

Hey hey hey!!Finally The Strokes are back on the road again and hopefuly they will play a secret little gig in Paris in the early december!!How exciting I am!!I can't wait to see them on stage,it's so important for a rock fan listening to a band directly in front of them!Like an initiation you know...you really know a band/artist when you see them/him/her 2 feet next to you,and I'm gonna do it for them!!Then I'll go to the big gig in February or March and after,well...maybe in New York I hope!!
Nick...you won't wait any longer, here I am!!;-)

samedi, novembre 19, 2005

Another new band:Franz Ferdinand.Here is Paul Thomson(drums),Nick Mc Carthy(guitar,piano,back vocals,songwriter),Alex Kapranos(guitar,lead vocals,songwriter)and Bob Hardy(bass) sat in the armchair.They began their carrer in 2004 with an eponymous album. It's a 11-songs album,but which songs!! It's very dynamic!In an interview,Alex said they wanted to "make girls dance",it was supposed to be a joke but everybody consider the album by this view and in fact,it's a pretty good definition after all... there's nothing bad in this album!They fast began to be consider as the new pop band, like the Libertines have been at the released of their first album!They released a second album called "You Could Have It So Much Better",with, again, a lot of really good songs! A part have been recorded in New York,which inspired some songs like "Eleonor put your boots on". They're are admired for a something very special that you find in songs like "Take me Out"(their biggest hit) or "Do you Want to":the complete change of rythm at a moment in the song.I had the chance to see them on stage when they were'nt too famous,in November 2004. We were in a very small room,just in front of the stage and I have to say that they are very very very talented!Songs are the same on the cd and in stage,all members are very good musicians and they finally do someting very refreshing and it really make people smile!

I didn't say why I have to talk about the Libertines just after the Clash,so I'm doing it here. It's very simple in fact,Mick Jones,ex-member of The Clash have produced their album,he put them right under the sunlights. On the Picture you can see Patrick Walden(guitar),Pete Doherty(*yes it's the same!* vocals,songwriter),Drew Mcconnel(bass) and Adam Ficek(drums). Those are the members of Babyshambles.Also produced by Mick Jones, it's the new Pete's band. Their story isn't long for the moment but so hard to understand!They have many problems,a lot of their appartions on stage have been considered like fucking bad,even if he songs are very good!They did a first album but it didn't really circulate in the music business,magazins spoke about them only for what they did in the last week,there's always something to say about them!But they released an official album this week.I bought it today,it's called "Down in Albion" and it's fantastic! The first song "La Belle et la Bête"(Pete loves french) included a part where Kate Moss herself(Pete's girlfriend)sings!"Fuck Forever" is such a good song too!The riffs of guitar and bass are very impressive and sometimes when you listen to Pete singing you have a curious impression,like if you were in a funeral ceremony,but he begins to sing loudly on the chorus "I'm fuck forever if you don't mind" and you're completly blow by the music,it brings you somewhere else,and it's so pleasant!I can't stop listening to it and it immediatly passed on my hit songs' list!I'm gonna listening to it again and again all night long,and you should do the same!Very good job, Pete.

I just talked about The Clash, so I must now talk about The Libertines!As usual,from left to right:Gary Powell(drums), Carl Barat(guitar,vocals),John Hassal(bass) and Pete Doherty(guitar,vocals).The two guitarists are the songwriters of two amazing albums "Up the Braket" released in 2003 and "Can'tStand me now"" in 2004. It's difficult to speak about this band because there's so many things,you don't know wich one to pick! First, they were the leader of a new wave of pop-music in England,like Oasis or Blur have been in the 90's. The music is very good and the two songwriters are very talented.Their best songs are "Can't Stand me Now","Music When the Lights Go On","The Man Who Would Be King","Time for Heroes","Up The Bracket"...That's all for the music. Then I have to talk about the band himself. Relationships are very complicated!For exemple:Pete and Carl are best friends,Pete is heroin and coke addict,he stole Carl flat,but Carl forgive him,then Pete do something else and ended up in jail for 2 month,after that he joined the band again,but let them during their European tour. Carl,who couldn't support the situation anymore decided to fired Pete for the band.So now,you can always see the Libertines on stage,but without Pete,and without him,it made a big hole...who knows?Maybe one day they gonna make a last concert!I hope!!
The Clash. One of the most important punk band. This band is the result of The 101'ers leaded by Joe Strummer and London SS,leaded by Mick Jones. At the beginning,Joe Strummer was in a blues band, but one day he saw the Sex Pistols on stage, and decided to be a part of the punk revolution that began in the late 70's in England. In 1979, they released "London Calling",much more than an ablum,it turned to be the anthem of all a generation of punks, it's a screm in the country, against society, poverty, politics and all. They released some album among which you have the songs "Should I Stay or Should I Go", "Clampdown", "Jimmy Jazz", "Rock the Casbah" and a lot of other hits. Mick Jones has been fired in 1983 because the other members thought he was too far away from their first idea. In 1985,they definitly split up. On december 2002 died the leader Joe Strummer,big choc for all fans,but their music survive to everything and it's not the end, their success is still huge, their songs are still consider by everyone like a call when you're confused, and I hope we'll never forget them.